7 Content Marketing Trends HOT In 2019


Marketing changed dramatically since the online medium started to be heavily exploited. Once thought to be the best opportunity for marketing experts, the online environment has become hostile to them. To us. Simply because everyone is there now.

This led to the saturation of the web and the Internet with tons of ads. And people got tired of that. Even though the development of the ad industry has helped marketers target their audience more accurately, even their target customers have started avoiding them.

In other words, as easy as it is supposed to be reaching your target audience, it has become incredibly difficult to actually capture and hold their attention and interest. Most of the time, if they haven’t blocked your ads, they will just scroll them, tired and exhausted of all of this.

The key to your readers’ and target audience’s heart is content. With good content, you can go around that innate repulsion from today’s ads. You can achieve that with email marketing and social media marketing, there are tons of tools and software to help you. But you have to do it.

No business has benefit more from ads than natural content. Natural content is what brings you closer to your target audience and earns their trust. Here are some of the hottest online marketing trends you can rely on in 2019.

1. Make Videos of a Personal Character


Video content is one of the most potent elements of online marketing. It increases engagement, reduces bounce rate, and provides quality and value-added for the viewers. Not everyone’s doing it, but it is something worth considering if it suits your business, product, or service.

Shoot videos of yourself as a vlogger, or create videos for your products. The important part is to keep it personal. If you show your face to your target audience, you will notice a significant increase in engagement.

2. Step Up Your Video Game


If you don’t want to show your face or you don’t have the ability or resources to create your own videos, you can use stock ones. You can purchase those from stock websites or get whole packs with them for mere cents.

Using video editing software can be of great help in improving the quality or the attention-grabbing aspects of the videos, so don’t miss out on that.

3. Create Pre-Landers


A pre-lander or pre-landing pages can be a great way to ease people into your offer. Those pages are used as aids to conversions. Pre-landers are usually the pages where you will send your visitors before and instead of directly sending them to your offer with the option to buy.

This way, the stress of a purchase is significantly reduced. In addition, you can pack pre-landers with convincing and useful information to help your target audience reach a buying decision in your favor easily.

4. Visuals & Infographics


You can increase engagement and improve your marketing by providing more visuals as content to your target audience. You can present your products in lookbooks or mood boards, or you can spice up your articles with infographics instead of just chunks of texts.

These are usually the easiest to produce and all you need is practice to make them look good yourself. It’s all about learning.

5. Podcasting


Ever since 2004, podcasts have become huge. This is one of the most exciting ways to deliver content. Some businesses have seen a great change in how people perceive them due to podcasting.

Podcasts are audio content that can be streamed and downloaded. It works on a subscription basis usually, but you can offer it for free to boost your content marketing.

If it fits your business model and products, you should definitely consider it for 2019, even though it has quite a few requirements and it is a costly endeavor.

You need to make sure your podcasts are worth your listeners’ time and that you can provide them with quality and gripping topics. Most of all – you need to sound great when recorded. Otherwise, you risk boring them.

6. Free Bonus Incentives with CTAs


Bonus content is always great for your brand. Create conditions for a certain action to be made so that your clients, visitors, or readers can receive something for taking that action.

  • Offer up free educational materials when they subscribe via email;
  • Encourage free gifts and offer giveaways if they like and share your posts and pages, boosting your business’ exposure;
  • Promote discount codes and gift cards for newsletter subscribers.

The limit of free bonuses and incentives is only limited by your own imagination, and this is a great way to gain subscribers, build email lists, retarget people according to their actions, and optimize and scale your business as a whole.

7. Chatbots & Engagement


Chatbots are not something new but they are quickly becoming an even bigger part of content marketing. Chatbots allow for instant and constant engagement with your customers and target audience.

Most chatbots and social engagement tools will allow you to predetermine the conditions at which messages will be redirected or put on hold because they need the participation of a real person in the conversation.

These are great ways to boost our engagement. Even though some people don’t like them because it takes out the personality out of the relationship, in 2019 they are extremely relevant to retaining customers.

Boost Your Content Marketing for Results

Sales don’t happen just with paid advertising. Sales happen with authority, trust, and by building a strong relationship with your potential and current customers.

There’s one thing that can help you with that, and if you ignore it, your results will never be as good as you hope. That is content marketing. There are hundreds of tools and tactics you can utilize to achieve your goals. Today, everything revolves around quality content and providing additional value to your target audience rather than just a product they might or might not like.

Put your trust and efforts into a good content marketing strategy that will complement your business model, and grow rapidly and confidently.

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