How to Get the Email Marketing & List Building Bonus Pack

Step 1: FIRST, remove the cookies from your browser. That’s the way for me to know if you qualify for the bonuses, as I get credited for your purchase.
Step 2: Buy ANY product from
Step 3: After you finish your purchase, choose your favorite bonus pack, email me your receipt at SITE EMAIL so I can confirm your purchase and email you the instructions how to access and download your bonuses.
Step 4: You can now receive your Bonus Package. The bonuses will be available within 12-24 hours.

What’s in the Email Marketing & List Building Pack?

#1 4,203 Email Swipes

4,203 Email Swipes Cover

A massive collection of 4,203 profit-producing, click getting emails you can adapt, tweak and alter for your own email or even email followup sequences.

There are many million dollar email marketers all over the world who have a stash of emails to copy, use or rewrite sitting at their finger tips.

They just won’t give you their private collection of emails — But I will.

Don’t spend another minute struggling to come up with your own powerful emails without this resource at your side.

#2 101 Red Hot Email Subject Lines

101 Red Hot Email Subject Lines Cover

Over 100, high converting, fill-in-the-blanks email subject lines you can use to ignite your open rates and sales.

You can skip all the hard work and just get emailing.

Whether you’re selling web site services, online courses, sales copy, real estate services, pet services, or hair cuts, these prewritten, fill-in-the-blanks templates are perfect for you.

All of the 101 red-hot email subject lines are evergreen, so you can use them today, tomorrow and for years to come.

#3 4 Hour List Building

The best kept secrets of top list-building companies that spend millions of dollars per month.

You’ll get a complete new list building system that will help you passively earn a profit of $60…$160…$320 per day starting tomorrow. Nothing is left out.

You’ll build a real business that will consistently profit you for decades like clockwork.

#4 1 Email a Day Mastershop

Drop-dead simple system of creating monthly recurring revenue by sending 1 Email a Day.

Step-by-step building of your list, sending powerful emails, generating content and creating a recurring revenue program on the backend that delivers consistent, monthly income.

#5 5x Blueprint

The only blueprint you’ll ever need to get better open rates, more sales and higher ROI with every email campaign.

How to bring any list back to life while increasing your open rates, clicks, leads and sales by 500%.

Increase your lead coversions and list power.
Increase your sales conversions and list power.
Eliminate subscriber complaints.
Promote multiple offers at the same time, to the same list.

#6 6 Figure List Hacks

6 Figure List Hacks Cover

I managed to find 9 hugely successful pro-marketers who were willing to tell me exactly how they go about making at least 6 figures a year.

Learn the only 3 list building tactics our 6 figure marketers would use in today’s world to build a list of buyers.

Our successful marketers make over $100,000 with surprisingly small lists that are quick and easy to build.

Start seeing results within days.

#7 8x Hero Academy

8x Hero Academy Cover

The 8x Hero Academy will show you step by step how to build, analyze, and scale an email based business to the 7 figure level. Growing your business will become a straight forward mathematical system by the time you complete this 7 week academy.

See how to create opt In rates of 60-80% every time
Get the exact funnel strategies that can 5x your business
Use simple analytics in Market Hero to make increasing your income straight forward and easy.

#8 97 Done For You Email Templates

Quickly and easily generate more sales for your store with my 97 done for you Shopify email templates.

There’s 97 emails across 14 categories like welcome emails, holiday emails, revenue/sales emails, and much more.

Simply copy and paste with confidence knowing these have emails and sequences have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.

#9 Avalanche List Building 2.0

Avalanche List Building 2.0 Cover

My course consists of seven main core modules, in which I take you from scratch, right at the beginning, so you can benefit from my 9 years of experience and hit the ground running.

What I show in Avalanche List Building 2.0 is actually how I make money every single day, and it’s how my entire business works.

#10 Big Ticket Email Mojo

If you have an email list that gets at least 500 opens… then in 10-14 days…

You too can pull in $20,000 to $80,000 each time you run our proven rainmaker offers without webinars, VSLs or long sales letters and without one phone call or single strategy session.

You will be privy to the only training on the planet that will give you the skills to sell big ticket products using nothing but email and a special order form.

#11 Cold Email Clients

Cold Email Clients Cover

Unlock the 10 powerful cold email templates that you can use to engage potential clients without ever leaving home.

You’ll learn the key ingredients to how we write cold emails from scratch using 6 important pieces.

You’ll learn exactly how to avoid the dreaded spam folder when emailing someone for the first time

You’ll learn exactly how we determine the best time to send our cold emails so that it doesn’t get buried under other emails.

You’ll learn how to find the best address to email a potential client.

#12 Cold Email Mastery Course

This year alone I have sent out over 50,000 cold emails to continuously refine my process.

I have closed over 150 new clients using my techniques and have help hundreds of my clients and students do the same.

It has taken me years of trial and error and testing different methods to master cold email.

With my methods I get on average 60% Open Rates and 40% response rates.

A step-by-step training to show you how to set up your client generating system that operates with minimal effort. Never run out of appointments on your calendar or wonder where your next lead is coming from.

#13 Cold Email Outreach

Cold Email Outreach Cover

Most people are terrible at writing cold emails.

They fire off hundreds, receive little response and wonder why they can’t get the meetings they know could change their business.

Just one cold email could lead you to the most important meeting of your life. One meeting can change everything. It can lead to an investment, a large sale, a distribution contract.

#14 Copy Paste Send

Preview the email sample that we have personally hand-written to make us over $583 in commission as shown in the video.

Our 33 ‘no-pitch style’ email series that generated $33,777 sales and over $18,000+ net profit in under 40 days.

#15 Daily List Profits

Daily List Profits Cover

How to build your list for Free and how to make money from that list by promoting affiliate offers and products.

10 video modules covering everything that is needed to be up and running and build the list.

17 Video modules in depth step by step watch over my shoulder style for 10x faster process.

A super powerful method on how to double or even triple the affiliate conversions!

2 bonus videos covering more affiliate platforms and niche research.

#16 eCash Generator 2.0

eCash Generator 2.0 Cover

Learn how to build a hyper-responsive list and monetize it right from the start.

Get access to all my best tips and resources that not even those big dog marketers know about.

Discover how you can take your ecourse and turn it into a full-blown product you can sell…quickly and easily.

Learn how to establish yourself as an Instant expert in your niche and to profit from that status.

#17 Email Fire 2

Email Fire 2 Cover

New 5 week premium email engagement series thaws out cold lists and gets people ready to buy.

Over 12,000 words and 5 weeks worth of emails.

Full of interesting and thought provoking stories to build rapport.
Packed with actionable content to build authority.

Laced with engagement loops so that you can test how interested your list is in what you have to say.

Lined with Click Through loops so that you can measure how ready your list is to buy from you.

A system like this will allow you to measure engagement, rapport with list, and adjust based on performance.

#18 Email Inception

Ben Adkins gives an unprecedented look behind the scenes at his unorthodox email campaign creation process that he’s used to generate millions of dollars online.

How to write an inception email sequence.

The pattern interrupt generator.

How to warm up a cold email signup so that they realize they matter.
The secret to subject lines (that get opened).

How to incorporate a really good story into your emails.

How to write a cliffhanger that gets your next email opened.

The stupid trick that doubles your response rate and sales.

#19 Email Marketing Decoded

How to build huge, highly profitable, opt-in email lists from scratch that multiply your income every month.

You’ll discover:

How to break through and make a huge income with your email campaign.
How to go about building your own email list from scratch.
Learn the psychology behind a great list.
How to turn your subscribers into your biggest fans.
How to generate sales from your mailing list and how to profit from it in other ways.
and much more

#20 Email Riches Blueprint

Email Riches Blueprint Cover

This is a complete system that enables you to understand what your subscriber expects, likes, hates, wants, needs, can’t resist, and fears when he/she decides to join your list… regardless of the niche.

Chock-full of time-tested, proven email marketing secrets you won’t find anywhere else.

#21 Email Marketing Mastery

The Email Marketing Mastery course is about maximizing your ROI (return-on-investment) from your email marketing campaign so you have killer click-through and open-rates for your emails.

Generate leads for your website through lead magnets.

Structure your emails in a way that get opened and clicked and convert to sales.

Optimize your email by choosing the best subject lines for your industry.

Understand email analytics so you know how to optimize your emails for future campaigns.

How to use my favourite (but free) marketing tool to create email marketing campaigns on the fly.

#22 Email Marketing Practitioner

Proven strategies for creating an email program.
From building lists, to creating emails, to avoiding spam filters, and all the way to generating conversions and sales, learn to build and email program that moves prospects toward a purchase and keeps loyal customers coming back.

Explain the value of email marketing.
Identify tactics to avoid in email campaigns.
Develop effective email marketing conversations.
Craft highly effective subject lines.
Use a variety of methods to create and build your email list.
Understand SPAM laws.
Segment your emails to optimize delivery opportunities.

#23 Email Marketing Fortune

How would you enjoy having lists full of customers who’ve been with you for years and bought from you well over 20 times?

This is a complete system that enables you to understand what your subscriber expects, likes, hates, wants, needs, can’t resist, and fears when he/she decides to join your list… regardless of the niche.

It’s a system that is based on deep understanding of sales psychology and human behavior. It gives you an understanding of how they respond to specific psychological triggers. And, it speeds up the sales process, and automates recurring sales.

#24 Email Uprising

Email Uprising Cover

Discover the rock solid email writing formula that eliminates writer’s block & makes it super easy to write emotionally charged emails.

How to make it easier to write your email before you even start.
How to write good subject lines in any niche that make people want to open your emails.
How to write an effective email that keeps people wanting to read more and more.
Determining the best length for your emails and when to send them during a campaign.

#25 Emails For Profits

Emails For Profits Cover

Emails for profits will teach you to create a successfull affiliate marketing business from scratch.

5 modules with 40+ video lessons.
Traffic domination training to help you generate laser targeted traffic to your affiliate offers.

Email marketing mastery training so you can 10X your ROI in your affiliate marketing business.

#26 Fast Quality List Building

How to get hundreds and then thousands of responsive subscribers onto your list every month for almost nothing.

This is my short actionable video guide that takes you by the hand and shows you the quickest and easiest most reliable way to build an email list into the thousands so that can earn money on a consistent basis.

The results get more and more powerful, exponentially increasing your list size from month 1 of hundreds of new subscribers to months 2 and 3 into the thousand.

#27 Guaranteed Subscribers

50+ subscribers a day on complete autopilot.

Each subscriber is worth $1 per month on average.
What if you got 50 guaranteed subscribers a day, every day for one month.
50 subs a day x 30 days = 1,500 subscribers.
= $1,500 a month (conservatively)
$18,000 a year!

#28 How To Make Big Money From Small Lists

Here’s how I made an extra $205,000 last year… with a list of only 130 people.

I’m going to give you all the skills, tools and guidance you need to do it.

I’m going to provide you with everything you need to make this system work for you… so you can start enjoying the money and freedom this system gives you.

#29 Laptop Lifestyle

Use this simple easy to follow formula to build massive, profitable lists in lucrative niches.
You’ll learn the proper list building strategy and how to pair that with targeting profitable niches the correct way.

This simple newbie-friendly formula will show you the path to massive email lists you can rake in huge paydays from by sending simple emails.

We’ll take you by the hand and show you exactly how to get setup in just a few short minutes using WordPress so that you can begin building your new email marketing business the fast, simple, and profitable way.

#30 List Launch Pro

List Launch Pro Cover

The done-for-you solution to instantly launch your email list-driven lifestyle business.

You’re going to get the complete 7-part video training program so you can quickly generate your first 5,000 email subscribers starting from scratch.

You’ll have the clarity and confidence in running a successful online email-driven lifestyle business.

#31 List Masteree

A complete listbuilding system that has real people making real passive online incomes.

We’re going to show you how real proven 7-figure marketers have built their lists and then lay out exactly how you can get started doing it for yourself.

You’ll know how to build your list on the cheap and still generate huge commissions while doing so.

#32 List Synergy

5 over-the-shoulder training and demo videos.

My brand new “The Best Damn List Building System EVER!” which serves as a quick start guide to List Synergy.

My recent, award-winning book “It’s All You Need!” – I will have you making use of it in this course.

The entire “It’s All You Need” video series, for detailed demonstrations of how to set up shop.

#33 New Subscribers Sales System

My proven 5 part email templates handed to you on a silver platter.
Exactly what to send and say to build your relationship, authority, and increase sales.
The number one problem most online marketers face and how to overcome it.
The best type of free offer you can use to build your list.
The one thing that can drastically increase your email opt-in rates.
Set expectations with your new subscribers and reduce unsubscribes and spam complaints.

#34 Optins And Orders

Optins And Orders Cover

12 cheat sheets that show you how to get more people to join your list and buy what you are selling.

Each of the cheat sheets has four sections…

Tips and shortcuts
Titling templates
FAQs and answers
Chronological steps

Each type of lead magnet has specific tips, templates, FAQs and steps that apply.

They are what you “need to know” and no extra fluff and filler.

#35 Ryan Deiss – Email Follow-Up Machine

Build an email follow-up series that converts new subscribers into raving fans of your brand.

Learn how to craft an automated email follow up series that converts…even if you’ve never written “sales copy” in the past.

The 4 types of subject lines that engage your subscriber and demand to be opened.

How to leverage the 4 types of Conversion Triggers to overcome known objections.

DigitalMarketer’s proven copy-and-paste email templates
and much more

#36 Small List Email Maestro

Powerful 5 step method reveals how this tiny list of only 182 subscribers provided $700 in commissions in only two days.

This method works, even if you’re starting out with a new list.

You don’t have to be experienced with email marketing.

I am going to walk you through the five steps I personally use to obtain mindblowing results, even from a small list.

#37 The Email Alchemist

The Email Alchemist Cover

The Email Alchemist is the ultimate guide to profitable email marketing. It also serves as a step-by-step road map for selling anything online.

No Hollywood video crew or fancy-pants graphic designer required.

If you want to understand how to use email marketing to attract, build rapport, and compel readers to consume your offerings, then this book is a must read.

#38 The Newsletter Academy

The Simple 3-Step System Revealed

1. Drive targeted traffic to a simple squeeze page.
2. Offer that traffic a free gift to convert them into email subscribers.
3. Send those subscribers valuable content and offers.

By the time you’ve gone through all eight modules, you’ll have a fully functional email newsletter business up and running.

#39 The Secret To Writing Profitable Emails

Imagine turning your email list into raving fans who spend.

What if you could write addictive emails anytime you like.

Picture being able to profit without being salesy or weird.

How quickly will you start with my ‘done for you‘ templates.

Discover the most profitable way to communicate.

Learn how often you should email.

Know the right time to start pitching.

#40 The Secrets To Inboxing Emails

How I Took An Email Message, that kept hitting the SPAM folder and generating $0 and turned it into an inbox cash machine.

All by using a simple 3 step system that requires no tech skills.

I’m going to reveal to you, simple tricks that not even your Email Service Provider knows.

I’m going to show you how much revenue you are losing, if you have any emails hitting the Spam folder.

I’ll show you how to get back into the INBOX within minutes, not days or weeks.

I’ll even show you how Gmail and Yahoo, filter their emails and how you can Inbox more of your email messages.

How to Get the Email Marketing & List Building Pack?

Step 1: FIRST, remove the cookies from your browser. That’s the way for me to know if you qualify for the bonuses, as I get credited for your purchase.
Step 2: Buy ANY product from
Step 3: After you finish your purchase, choose your favorite bonus pack, email me your receipt at SITE EMAIL so I can confirm your purchase and email you the instructions how to access and download your bonuses.
Step 4: You can now receive your Bonus Package. The bonuses will be available within 12-24 hours.