How to Get the Graphics & Video Bonus Pack?

Step 1: FIRST, remove the cookies from your browser. That’s the way for me to know if you qualify for the bonuses, as I get credited for your purchase.
Step 2: Buy ANY product from
Step 3: After you finish your purchase, choose your favorite bonus pack, email me your receipt at SITE EMAIL so I can confirm your purchase and email you the instructions how to access and download your bonuses.
Step 4: You can now receive your Bonus Package. The bonuses will be available within 12-24 hours.

What’s in the Graphics & Video Bonus Pack?

#1 AmazingPro 4.0

AmazingPro 4.0 Cover

Create pro looking presentations and studio quality videos in 10 minutes or less.
AmazingPro is a huge collection of Powerpoint – Animated/Social Media/ Company Video templates, etc.

Create an eye-catching, animated templates to engage your audience, visitors, and potential customers.

You can easily find lots of ready-to-use themes templates that we have prepared for you and create your high quality quickly.

#2 Arbitrage High Roller

Arbitrage High Roller Cover

Learn how to make sales, every single day… without ever doing tons of work.
With arbitrage high roller, what you will be doing is churning out a full time living in exchange for following my directions, and about 30 minutes a day of your time.
This system works, every single time.

#3 Cheat Sheet Mastery

This cheat sheet video course was created to help you take your cheat sheets to the next level.

Learn how to take a simple basic cheat sheet and turn it into a visually appealing cheat sheet using Microsoft Word.

I teach you how to take a Word Document and turn it into a visually appealing cheat sheet with 2 step-by-video training or you can read the step-by-step PDF. You will also get Cheat Sheet Software to make a basic starter cheat sheet for creating a cheat sheet that stand outs.

#4 CoverActionPro 3.0

CoverActionPro 3.0 Cover

Make your books and products look sharper with 3d mockups you won’t find anywhere else.

The largest (and only) collection of mockups specifically designed for the sales and marketing of your products.

500+ product shot mockups, 50 pre-made book cover templates, complete video training guide with tips & tricks.

Hardcover Books, Paperback Books, 3-Ring Binders, Spiral Binders, Comb Bound Books, iPhones, Laptop Computers, iMacs & Displays, iPads & Tablets, Media Players, DVD Cases, CD-ROMs, Quick Start Guides, Boxsets, Landscape Books, Software Boxes, Suitcase Boxes, Workbooks, Screenshot Panels & Multi-book Stacks.

#5 Crash The Party

How to do YouTube videos if your afraid to be on.
How to quickly find topics to make videos about.
How to get people to find your channel quickly.
How to finally win with YouTube even if you have tried in the past and failed.
How to get enough views and subscribers to make a difference.
How to get people to care about the videos you have made.
And much more…

#6 Decinema Virality

Decinema Virality Cover

How to create responsiove and high converting sales video in just minutes.
Decinema Virality is brand new video template that allow your customers to create simple, responsive, and more impressive videos using just powerpoint.

No design skills and advanced video editors are required. Your sales pages will be more captivating and engaging, and that means… more sales.

#7 DigiProduct Quotes Volume 2

DigiProduct Quotes Volume 2 is packed with unique images that ooze emotion and energy… and carry your marketing to exciting levels of entertainment and professionalism.

1080px images formatted for Facebook and Instagram; PSD supplied for editing in Photoshop; Background images without text supplied in jpg format

#8 Epic Video Pack V2

Epic Video Pack V2 Cover

150 Animated characters
150 Static characters
300 Whiteboard SVG graphics
100 HD stock videos
50 Animated icons
13 Powerpoint videos

#9 Giant Marketing King

Brand new multipurpose WordPress theme
A bunch of landing page templates
58+ minisite templates
10 business card templates
20 logo templates
Add to cart button collection
And a lot more

#10 GVR Method

Discover the method to get your videos ranking high in Google… and generate more leads & sales without wasting anymore time or money.

A strategy that works.

A system, strategically designed to save you time & money.

#11 High Res eCovers Pro

High Res eCovers Pro Cover

Create photo realistic high resolution 3d covers for all your products in minutes.
These brand new action scripts and smart objects will do the job for you. All you need is Adobe Photoshop and a few minutes of free time.

Super fast, crisp 300 dpi resolution, unique looks, premium quality, over 70 to choose from.

#12 HoomanTV’s YT Mastery

HoomanTV’s YT Mastery Cover

Whether you’re just starting out or been doing YouTube for a long time, YT Mastery is the #1 course that will show you exactly how to grow and monetize your channel to numbers you never even imagined.
The fastest way to do something is learn from someone whose already done it.

In YT Mastery, you’ll learn the exact strategies I’ve used to:
Grow my channel from 0 to 5 million+ subscribers.
Get over 115 million+ views on a single video.
Build my channels, get millions of views, and make thousands of dollars every single week.

#13 Kick-Ass Video Ads

Kick-Ass Video Ads Cover

Create high converting & profit pulling video ads in minutes… with 60+ done-for-you templates.

Create unlimited top converting video ads for any campaign in any niche.
Proven to convert video ad copywriting formula… All you have to do is “Fill-In-The-Blanks”.

Minimal video production skills or experience required. No complicated video software or expensive monthly subscriptions… only PowerPoint.

#14 Lazy Profit Explosion

Lazy Profit Explosion Cover

You will learn:
The secrets to tapping into an overlooked traffic source so that you never struggle to get traffic again.

How to take your online earnings from nothing to 3k/mo, 5k/mo, or even 10k/month with ease.

How to get this all right, and make sure everything is set up for maximum profits.

#15 Maggazzine 2

Maggazzine 2 CoverGet ready to grab $9,000 worth of done for you high quality packages with full PLR rights.

A huge collection of time saving stunning, editable ‘done-for-you’ magazine style content in super profitable trending niches.

You’ll have access to 25 high quality assets in three of the biggest niches Digital Marketing, careers and coaching.

#16 Make Money On YouTube Without Making Videos

I show you the entire process of finding videos, optimizing them, and 2 secrets that can multiply your revenue by up to 10X.

Also, I share the top niches to do this in and how you can start taking advantage of YouTube today.

A camera and microphone aren’t required. All you need is a computer, internet connection, and a bank account.

#17 Motion Mascots V3

Make highly engaging, profit-generating videos with 150 copy-&-paste animated characters.

150 Animated characters in dynamic poses & fabulous look for your videos.
150 Static characters to boost your website engagement & conversions.
Start creating profit-pulling videos that stand out from anyone else.
All the graphics are ready-to-go, copy-and-paste & done-for-you.

#18 Offline Social Lead Machine

How to use Facebook’s new video platform that I use to generate income providing local biz owners with laser targeted traffic and leads.

I reveal everything you need to get up and running fast and get those business owners paying you for social media leads.

#19 PixelCover

PixelCover Cover

Cover design is the most important thing when you are selling a book or kindle to get the best conversion.

100 stunning done-for-you, time saving, completely editable ecover designs.
All the Kindle/Book eCovers are designed to be creative, professional, eye catching, cool, and attractive and you have the option to fully customize them as you desire.

All you need is Photoshop

#20 PowerPoint King Tuts 2.0

Introducing PowerPoint King Tuts V2, the ultimate resource for turning PointPoint into your own video making machine.

The sole purpose of King Tuts V2 is to help you create great-looking videos using PowerPoint that will make you more money and save you more money.

You’ll discover all you need to make profitable videos using PowerPoint as quickly as possible.

#21 The Awakening

The Awakening Cover

Inside the step-by-step video training, you’ll discover how to start making money as an affiliate with a tiny email list.

We’ll teach you a simple method to get started from scratch and start making profit extremely quickly.

#22 The Ultimate Video Traffic Blueprint

5 powerful video templates that consistently generate massive traffic.

You’ll be guided step-by-step through every stage of the template in detail so you fully understand the purpose of each part, and what you need to include.

You’ll be guided step-by-step through every stage of the template in detail so you fully understand the purpose of each part, and what you need to include.

#23 Trifecta Ranking System

Trifecta Ranking System Cover

#24 Tube Millionaire

#25 Tube Remarketing Mastery

Discover a little used method to turn brand new visitors into warm prospects & red hot buyers.

YouTube remarketing means that when someone takes a certain action on your YouTube Videos or Channel you can save that information to a special ‘list’ and advertise only to the people on that list later on.

Remarketing basically allows you to ‘stalk’ your prospects all over Google and YouTube so that you are always in their mind.

#26 Tube Traffic Jacker

Tube Traffic Jacker Cover

How To find and download videos for free (legally).
How To use these free videos to avoid the process of creating your own videos.
How To upload these videos to back link to your last videos.
How To find keyword sets to rank for.
How To make unlimited unique versions of these videos.
How To create a video description that gets page 1 Google rankings.

#27 Tubeloom

Tubeloom Cover

I’m going to share with you a little-known way to generating side-income from home…

Using nothing but you and your laptop.

And what’s amazing is… Even though this secret involves YouTube?

There’s no need to get in front of a camera.

That means you get to make money sitting right there in your comfy cozy pajamas!

#28 Unlimited Free YouTube Traffic

Learn to gain free unlimited YouTube traffic from one of the most experienced YouTube marketers.

Over 10 videos of key hacks showing you the most optimised methods of driving YouTube traffic that is both free & unlimited.

Learn all the dos and don’ts so that Google gives you special treatment over millions of other videos!

This course is specially designed for affiliate marketers and people that want to reach a wider audience with their brand.

#29 Unstoppable Live Profits

Unstoppable Live Profits Cover

We are introducing you a perfect tool that will help you do unlimited live streaming with YouTube and lot more for free. This is something you’ll need to rank your videos high.

10-part video training that walks you step-by-step on how to profit from affiliate marketing and as well as the hungry local business market. 20 DFY local business videos, ready to make you money immediately.

#30 Video Ads Crash Course 3.0

Video Ads Crash Course is the original, and still the best over-the-shoulder YouTube Video Ad training system.

Demonstrating constantly improving results, massive ROI’s, and consistently cheaper clicks than any other YouTube course, available anywhere.

Get your first video ad campaign up, running, and producing visible results in less than a day, with no fear of losing money, no wasted time, and never biting off more than you can chew.

#31 Video Graphics Bonanza V2

Video Graphics Bonanza V2 Cover

100 brand new HD stock videos.
20 modules filled with 100’s of video graphics assets.
A fully featured video editor with templates, addons & training.

#32 Video Hero

Get 50+ new email subscribers and $105 per day from YouTube without ever making a single video.

I’ll show the entire process from A-Z and you’ll see that all it takes is 30 minutes or less per day.

How to make Youtube send you tons of traffic and promote your offers for free. You’ll learn how to get in front of eager buyers and present them with an offer they can’t refuse.

#33 Video Traffic System

You will learn:

How to find the exact content your market is actively searching for in waves.
Knowing which type of videos to create.
How to use proper search engine optimization tactics.
Knowing the proper equipment to use with out spending insane amounts.
How to schedule your content and editing to less than one day a month.

#34 VideoWide Volume 2

VideoWide Volume 2 Cover

Discover a simple way to create high-quality videos to captive your audience in less than 10 minutes flat.

In just 3 simple steps create wondrous high quality videos:

1. Choose your ready-made template authentic scenes to match your video needs.
2. Click, edit, and replace your image, video, and/or audio using your chosen template.
3. Export PPT to Video to see your very own wondrous new, unique, and original Video.

#35 Videos Gamechanger Challenge

What if you had all your marketing videos done, strategically, in just a few minutes per day?

Well that’s what this challenge is designed to do.

You’ll get training that shows you exactly how to get strategic videos done… the right way.

I’ve literally laid out exactly what you’ll write down to say and guide you on when to say it… so you’ll never feel like you are stuck thinking and just flow, shipped directly to your doorstep.

#36 Viral Video System

If you want to turn your short videos into profit pulling, list building machines in the shortest amount of time possible, this is for you.

Step-by-step blueprint that lays out exactly how you can get tons of traffic, shares, and email subscribers.

You’ll have the potential to dominate almost any online niche or help your offline clients crush their competition with highly targeted videos that can go viral very quickly within a targeted group of people.

#37 Whiteboard Video Fortune Prospecting

Whiteboard Video Fortune Prospecting Cover

See how you can instantly boost your client acquisition results by using 1 minute videos.
Whiteboard Video Fortune Prospecting is a mind-blowing package of 10 done-for-you whiteboard videos that help you promote 10 popular and profitable local marketing services.

Drawing is one of the earliest and most efficient forms of communicating visual ideas throughout history.

Whiteboard videos can help you engage with your prospects in a relaxed and entertaining way, while hearing and remembering your message.

#38 WOW Presentation

7 animated themes
91 unique slides
16:9 full HD aspect ration
Editable charts
Easy color changes and
PPT, PNG, PSD includes

#39 Youtube Marketing Excellence

Youtube Marketing Excellence Cover

Step-by-step blueprint for using YouTube to get as much online traffic as you want.

Learn how to leverage the power of YouTube to build your brand and build a following of loyal subscribers that will turn into paying customers.

Learn how to maximize your ROI with YouTube paid ads to ensure you profit every time you run an ad.

The best way to title your videos to get more views on YouTube.
Plus, a whole lot more

#40 Zamurai Video Immersion

Zamurai Video Immersion CoverEliminate analysis-paralysis and kick your business into over-drive with my 4-week intensive workshop.

Follow along over the next 4 weeks and you’ll have a profitable Video marketing business going.

You can easily put this into action with one video and once that starts making you money, just rinse and repeat as much as you want.

How to Get the Graphics & Video Bonus Pack?

Step 1: FIRST, remove the cookies from your browser. That’s the way for me to know if you qualify for the bonuses, as I get credited for your purchase.
Step 2: Buy ANY product from
Step 3: After you finish your purchase, choose your favorite bonus pack, email me your receipt at SITE EMAIL so I can confirm your purchase and email you the instructions how to access and download your bonuses.
Step 4: You can now receive your Bonus Package. The bonuses will be available within 12-24 hours.