DMIExpo 2019 – Join The Digital World

Are you a digital marketer, a media buyer or an affiliate? Are you looking for a way to make it in this saturated world but you’re finding the competition too big, too fierce? Or are you looking for new opportunities?

The DMIExpo 2019 is one of the biggest digital marketing conferences you can attend. It is suitable for both professionals and aspiring novices. This is where the best of both worlds meet. The visionary minds of novelty marketers and the invaluable experience of professionals, there’s a lot to gain from the expo.

Everything you need to know about the digital marketing conference can be found at, but let’s spend a few moments to introduce it to you and explain why it’s worth your time.

The Opportunity of DMIExpo

If performance marketing is in your blood, if the digital world is where you thrive best, then missing out on the DMIExpo is an outright crime. This is where the digital world will come to life. On November 24-25, Tel Aviv, Israel will be all-digital!

The team of DMIExpo is extremely experienced, they’ve been working in the digital field for more than 21 years and have organized more than 65 expos and conferences in the last eleven alone. They know how to make such an event happen.


That’s why you can expect great fun and extremely valuable experiences if you join the expo. The event will gather the biggest names of the marketing field with a focus on everything digital.

There, you’ll:

  • get access to high-value ideas generated by professionals;
  • get insights into the world of digital marketing and all its branches;
  • be able to attend more than 20 presentations, talks, and panels held by the best in the industry;
  • enjoy an event that is honest and realistic, with no pushy commercials and promos, just honest networking with vendors and advertisers for new opportunities.

The opportunity that DMIExpo presents you with is a hands-on experience in the world of performance and digital marketing you’ll never forget.

What You Receive at the DMIExpo

Of course, you will not leave empty-handed. You’ll leave with tons of valuable information shared during the two-day expo, insights, secrets from the kitchen of the biggest names in performance marketing.

But also, you’ll leave with gifts and pleasing memories. As an attendee, you’ll be able to enjoy luxury meals, carefully planned networking events, and gifts from the sponsors. You’ll also be able to take home digital copies from the talks, panels, and conferences where possible.

But above all, you’ll be leaving the 2-day conference with dozens of new and refreshed contacts to help you grow quickly with your business idea.


Who Will Benefit From the 2019 DMI Expo?

The digital marketing conference is a diverse event with international participants and attendees. You’ll meet hundreds of people from all over the world, from your and various other niche markets.

See if you can find yourself in the fields below. If you fit one of them, then this conference is a must-visit:

  • Digital Marketing;
  • Affiliate Marketing;
  • Viral Marketing;
  • Online Marketing;
  • Email Marketing;
  • Mobile/SMS Marketing;
  • Ad Sales;
  • Ad Service;
  • Search;
  • Web Analytics;
  • Search Engine Optimization/Marketing;
  • Blogging;
  • Communications;
  • Online Publishing;
  • Online Recruitment;
  • Internet Usability/Accessibility;
  • Website Design.

This digital marketing international expo truly is as big as it sounds.


Pricing & Tickets

The 2-Day event on November 24-25 comes at promotional prices which are expected to rise. You can get two types of tickets – for individual affiliates and company representatives. Either way, it is cheaper to get them from the website instead of at the doors due to the significant online discount:

1. Affiliate Ticket for $295 (costs $995 at the doors) – only for active affiliates:

  • 2-Day Expo Access (November 24-25); Identification as an Affiliate.
  • Access to 23+ Quality Speeches & Panels;
  • Access to Materials for Download;
  • Identification as an Affiliate;
  • Access to Networking Receptions & Events;
  • Advanced Event & Networking Mobile App;
  • 2-Day Access to Espresso Bar;
  • 2 Days of Full Luxury Israeli Breakfasts & Lunches.

2. Company Ticket for $495 (costs $1,295 at the doors) – for companies or representatives of companies that can be identified as an advertising network, affiliate network, media, agency, or traffic company, service providers or tech companies:

  • 2-Day Expo Access (November 24-25);
  • Access to 23+ Quality Speeches & Panels;
  • Access to Materials for Download;
  • Identification as a Company;
  • Company Name will be listed in the Event Handbook and on the Website, along with the company Logo;
  • Access to Networking Receptions & Events;
  • Advanced Event & Networking Mobile App;
  • 2-Day Access to Espresso Bar;
  • 2 Days of Full Luxury Israeli Breakfasts & Lunches.

There are also two group discounts available:

  • 20% Discount if you get 5-9 passes;
  • 25% Discount if you get 10 or more passes.

The DMIExpo promises to be an unforgettable event. Not only because of everything you’ll get to learn, all the networking you’ll be able to enjoy, but also the great fun the team has ensured for the attendees. Don’t think too long and get your tickets as soon as possible to make use of the great discount.

Go and be digital!


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