How Can Newbies Get Quality Backlinks in 8 Ways?


On-page SEO can dramatically improve your performance when it comes to Google rankings and help you become more discoverable in terms of your business and the content you create to promote it. But on-page SEO, SEO tools, and paid advertising will not be quite enough in today’s competitive world.

Off-page SEO is just as important. The most crucial way to do that is through backlinks and link building. This is something that Search Engine Optimization can’t be done properly without. Backlinks are one of the main sources that can help you shoot for the top positions in search results.

Backlinks are links that come from other websites and generate traffic for yours. When they are not tagged as ‘no-follow’, you will receive link juice that will boost your SEO rankings.

Keep in Mind!
Some time ago, SEO masters looked for quantity over quality when it came to link building. Nowadays, things are different – quality is what matters most. If you have backlinks on websites with poor authority or dubious content, this will be harmful to your website’s rankings. Simply because Google prefers quality today. And if you want to be liked by Google and rank high, you need to heed to their preferences.

Getting quality backlinks as a newbie might seem challenging. But people have done it before and they have found some great practices. Here are some viable ideas you can explore.

1. Work Towards Top Quality


Half of marketing today revolves around creating content for your target audience to consume in one way or the other. You will always be one step behind your competition if your underestimate that fact and try to pass by with poorly made content.

It doesn’t matter if you’ll be making the content – visual or written, or someone on your team, or a freelancer. It must be of good, if not high, quality.

Quality creates times more engagement than mediocre content. When you create it, create it as if you’re the one who is going to benefit from it. As if you’re the user. Answer a couple of simple questions:

  • Does your content solve problems?
  • Does your content have value-added?
  • Does your content introduce engaging concepts?
  • Does your content look and read good, with no errors?
  • Does your content answer questions important to your customers?

You can answer additional questions regarding your content, but these are the essentials. This is important because quality content can provoke your visitors, customers, and potential clients to share that content, thus creating backlinks. This, on the other hand, will generate positive link juice and traffic for your website or blog.

Last but not least, Google is also swayed by quality and length. If you can produce fresh, lengthy and in-depth content on a regular basis, Google’s algorithms are going to like you and rank you higher in the search results.

2. Learn from Competitors


There are people who have been in your place before you. You can utilize various SEO tools and software solutions that allow you to spy on your immediate competitors. Such tools allow you to see where their backlinks come from, how many are there, how much traffic do they generate, and much more.

Utilize these statistics and learn from the knowledge to start building your backlinks strategy.

3. Diversify Your Posting Platforms


You can create content and post it across various platforms that are not limited to your social media channels. Such websites and platforms can be LinkedIn, Medium, Tumblr, SlideShare, and much more. You have no real restrictions on how much you can post there, you simply have to follow the guidelines and rules. And it is free to have a profile.

These are websites that can give you a major boost in your SEO and improve your rankings. These are websites with great authority and you will benefit significantly from publishing content there. Just make sure your content is unique, fresh, and valuable.

4. Outreach Link Building


You can acquire backlinks from people in your niche if you take the time to find them and convince them to do so. Outreach is possibly the hardest way to acquire backlinks as your desired partners have to be convinced.

You can do that by offering them new and fresh content that is of better quality than their current content. You can offer them to give a fresh spin to articles already published on their blogs and sites, especially if it is of poor quality.

Research Carefully!
If you want to use this way to make backlinks for your website, make sure you’ve looked at the other backlinks featured on the website. Research your competition, try to offer something better and more valuable than them.

5. Guest Blogs & Guest Posting


Look at your competitors, consider their websites and blogs. Find people you’d like to partner with. If you’re not a fan of the idea of outreach for link building, look for blogs and authors that allow guest posting under certain conditions.

A lot of guest blogging and posting is allowed for free. But you have to be well aware of the conditions to do that and you have to strictly follow them so that your guest post doesn’t get rejected. Some guest posts might be paid, others might require you to post a backlink on your site to the one you want to guest post for.

6. Sponsored Blogs & Posting


If you have the available budget, you can pay for your content to be featured online. Such an example is paying for a Press Release on your business to be published in a media outlet. Because these sources are quite popular, the domains have great authority and the potential traffic to be generated is presumed massive, it will not be cheap.

But sponsored posts are a great way to enhance your SEO, even if you have a limited budget. Even a couple of authority sites will be invaluable, if you can get a backlink from them.

7. Influencer Base


This is something related to your budget as well. Influencer marketing is known to yield significant results. But sometimes it might be costly to employ the power of influencers.

Of course, you can brainstorm other incentives for them that are not money-related. But you have to make sure you can provide them with a quality product or service to represent because they are staking their reputation.

8. Domain Authority


Some SEO tools and software help you find domains that have expired but are known to have good authority. Others will help you find domains with existing backlinks that generate good link juice. Of course, such domains for your website or block might come off as expensive, and it is up to you whether you’ll buy such a domain or not.

Newbies Can Get Quality Backlinks

SEO is a constantly developing field and part of marketing. But you can do the nitty-gritty things, too, even if you’re a newbie and as challenging as it might sound.

Getting backlinks and link building is essential to your performance online. Don’t get scared away, there are ways to achieve it. And I hope these 8 ways we discussed today, will be of help.

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