Postistic Review


Words are powerful and so are they on social media.

In this age and time, social media can’t be taken away in digital marketing. The audience is huge and ignoring them means you are leaving a lot of money on the table. As a marketer, how do you leverage the power of the social media network to reach out to customers who are interested in your product?

Quality content is a must to get your targeted audience to engage more with your business on social media.

Getting social lets people know about what you do. Your business is more visible to the outside world when you have a representation on the social media platforms. You need one for social media marketing if you must succeed with your campaigns. Letting people know who you are makes you more customers than when you don’t.

Quality engagement comes with very good content and you need much effort and time to get things done especially if you have many accounts to manage on the social media platforms.

Are you overwhelmed with having to share your content in all social media networks? Worry no more because you no longer have to manually type the same content over and over on different social media accounts.

And what if you have over seven social media accounts to work with for your business, how do you get things done quickly and conveniently too?

Let go of the manual and old method by which you post on your social media accounts. Explore the new and innovative way you can get your posts to all accounts at the same time.

The introduction of Postistic makes a lot of difference. This is a new and innovative revolutionary software that allows you to post simultaneously on 8 different social media accounts.

In this Postistic Review, I will show how to use the tool effectively to distribute content to your social media accounts.

Postistic $25

Product Name: Postistic

Product Description: Postistic is a cloud-based application that allows you to create your content and share it with only a click of the mouse on 8 different social media platforms.

Offer price: $25

Currency: USD

Availability: InStock


Postistic is truly a versatile social sharing tool. Considering it for your social media marketing is something reasonable to do, and that’s why I advise it.

  • Easy To Use
  • Features
  • Support
  • Quality
  • Bonus


  • It is easy to use software
  • It is newbie-friendly
  • Requires no high skill level to use the tool
  • It saves you time if you have to post individually on all social media platforms


  • None known so far


Creator:Shelley Penney
Bonus:YES, Get FREE Bonuses Here!
Launch Date:2019-Jun-11
Front End Price:$25
Niche:Social Media
Guarantee:Yes, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support:Highly Responsive
Recommended:Yes, highly recommended

What Is Postistic?

Postistic is a cloud-based application that allows you to create your content and share it with only a click of the mouse on 8 different social media platforms.

The software is a web suite that assists a marketer to connect with the eight largest social media platforms and other marketing platforms all at a place. This means your posts can be handled under one single place.

Using Postistic, you can share your videos, images, and textual content from one location to LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogger, Tumblr, Pinterest and Facebook, Whatsapp and marketing emails.

You save yourself a lot of time by using this tool to publish your content on the different platforms all at the same time.

Postistic is an all-in-one content posting app that gives you a good content sharing experience and helps you engage more with your audience.

Using Postistic, you’ll be able to:

  • Create and share posts on the eight largest social media platforms
  • Schedule news of your business, posts and upcoming activities notifications.
  • Upload videos and images to share right from your computer
  • Already made graphics you can share
  • Obtain viral and organic traffic
  • Get buyers with confidence

Getting a large audience to engage with your business is so much easy today with the right tool in place to work with. With social media, you’ll agree it plays a big part in helping marketers make sufficient profits.

Engagement is the key to having the right customers who will continue to buy from you. You only need to keep the smooth connection going, well secured and swiftly too. You give the great content that they look to have and you’ll keep their attention much longer with what you do.

If the bulk of your audience is on different social media, you have no fear when Postistic is around the corner to make things seamlessly work to help your content distribution.

Watch This Short Demo Video of Postistic:

About The Creators


The creator of the Postistic software is Shelley Penney, who created the solution in cooperation with Amina Malik and Jonathan Oshevire. She is an Internet marketer with vast knowledge and experience in digital products. She has shown her proficiency in marketing with the development of this tool to improve social media engagement.

Postistic Review: Features

You get your social posts in front of your audience more quickly with Postistic. You can give life to your social media posting experience by using Postistic. It helps more engagement with your audience and prospecting ones. It improves your connection and brings about more leads for your business.

Has social media got anything to do with your marketing in your online business? Yes, it does! Social media helps you to keep the link with your clients and customers. You are able to increase awareness concerning your brand to boost sales and have more leads.

With over three billion users connecting with these platforms, it’s no joke when dealing with maximizing the benefits of social media networks.

There are so many features placed in your hands to work with by using Postistic.

  • Easy to develop posts
  • Saves you time
  • Provides colorful emoji
  • Share your uploads
  • Schedule your posts
  • Use ready-made posts
  • Create blog posts with the provided text editor
  • Develop professional marketing emails for your campaigns
  • Whatsapp messages
  • Track your posts with the software

How Does Postistic Work?

To start using Postistic is quite simple. It works in four basic steps:

Step 1: Register your account
You need to do this to have access to the software to start posting with Postistic.


Step 2: Create a campaign
Use Postistic to develop posts with video, images, and text.


Step 3: Link Social Media Apps
This helps to set up credentials on your social media apps.


Step 4: Trigger or Schedule your post
There are two options to this step for you to schedule or share your posts immediately:

  • You are able to post immediately by clicking Trigger.
  • You can schedule your posts for particular periods or dates by clicking on schedule.


Postistic Review: Who Should Try It?

Everybody who runs social media accounts should have his hands on the Postistic software. It doesn’t have to be fully eight accounts before you can use Postistic.

If you have many social media accounts to run, using Postistic will make things a lot easier for you to manage.

If your business has a social media representation, which it should, you’ll need Postistic for your posts sharing.
Every category of individuals should take advantage of Postistic to give their content sharing experience a good lift. So, the following should have the software handy:

  • Small online business owners
  • Social media marketers
  • Social media managers
  • Freelancers
  • Online video marketers
  • Bloggers
  • E-commerce business owners
  • Content marketers
  • Everybody who has two or more social media accounts.

Is Postistic Worth Your Money?

Absolutely! You can’t find a tool of this type all the time. It is such a great tool that almost everybody whether marketers or individuals will fancy having in their possession.

Considering the enormous features of the tool, you can rest assured to find maximum benefits using it to make working on your business a beautiful addition to increase conversions, have more leads and make more sales.

Postistic Review: Bonuses

If you think of massive bonuses, then Postistic has super massive bonuses you shouldn’t miss after going through my Postistic Review. Purchasing Postistic will give you a big boost to having these amazing bonuses in your hands. Here are the massive bonuses to take away after buying a copy of the Postistic software:

Bonus #1: 20 Sales Videos that are high converting – use these videos to enhance your sales campaign.


Bonus #2: 20 Cover Videos Of Facebook – here you’re provided 20 professionally-made Facebook Video covers.

Bonus #3: 10 Going Live Announcements Templates – with these announcements templates, you can announce your events on social media before ever going live. If you want the best way to be known, this is the bonus that offers you that. Select from the provided library of templates. Input the text you want and that is it. You’re done.

Bonus 4: 50 Done-For-You Post – Already created career and motivational quotes make your social media posts great and inspiring.

Bonus #5: 50 Abstract Background – You have the ideal background for your posts.


Bonus #6: Social Enigma – This is a social media content traffic engine that helps you to have a high volume amount of traffic.

Bonus #7: 25 Business Articles – With this bonus, you can learn everything about how you can increase your business and make more sales.

Bonus #8: 100 Stock Photos – This provides you with attractive and beautiful graphics including images on nature.

Bonus #9: 10 Intro Videos – Using this bonus, you create amazing videos for your intros and announcements. You can either sell them or stream them to make good money.

Bonus #10: 50 Business Icons – Get professional business icons in the PNG format to help your marketing drive.


Postistic Review: Price & Discounts

It is quite interesting to know you’ll only be paying very little to make this great software your own. The creators are not offering the product in thousands of dollars; neither are they asking you to pay in hundreds. You’re paying just a token for the front-end price which comprises the following components:

  • Twitter sharing
  • Facebook Sharing
  • LinkedIn sharing
  • Emailing
  • Pinterest sharing
  • Tumblr sharing
  • Whatsapp sharing
  • Ready-made posts
  • Schedule option
  • Stock photos
  • Business articles
  • Abstract Backgrounds
  • Business icons

All these enormous features will be yours with only a once off payment of just $25. Does that sound too good to be true? What do you have to lose anyway if you don’t buy this software and try it out?

You need not fear whether it will work as promised or not because you’re covered in a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, there is no risk as such by paying for this product.

If you feel you are not getting what you want with your purchase, you have 30 days within which if you’re not satisfied after buying it to return it for a full refund, 100% complete refund of your money. You’re well protected!

Postistic Review: Additional Offers

You can bet to have more juicy offers from the creator of Postistic. I try to give you all that is available in this product in my Postistic review. Here are the additional offers apart from the regular $25 for the main product.

You can get a better look at the available upsells, priced at:

Upsell #1 ( OTO 1) costs $37

Upsell #2 (OTO 2) costs $47

Upsell #3 (OTO 3) costs $47

Postistic Review: PROS & CONS


  • It is easy to use software
  • It is newbie-friendly
  • Requires no high skill level to use the tool
  • It saves you time if you have to post individually on all social media platforms


  • None known so far

Postistic Review: Conclusion

Visit Official Website!

Postistic is truly a versatile social sharing tool. Considering it for your social media marketing is something reasonable to do, and that’s why I advise it.

Thank you indeed for your interest and sparing the time to go through my Postistic Review. I am optimistic that my review has helped in a way to help you get a good insight on how the tool works to make your social media content easy to post on all networks with only a few clicks of the button.

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Step 4: All Bonuses in your selected Bonus Package is Yours. Expect to receive them within 12-24 hours.

Features many added bonuses of Social Media Marketing.

Scroll down & See them now! [UPDATING]

ALL is Yours



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